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Gore Street Groomers

Gore Street Groomers Welcomes Pet Parents

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. 

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.....Because they're worth it.

What we do..


Gore Street Groomers offers 1:1  care and attention.

 We love caring and connecting with animals and creating everlasting relationships. 

We carry out a full consultation & health check before grooming commences.  

Grooms / DogSPA / Oral Care & Prevention / REIKI 

The Ultimate Experience

Coat Care


We use only the best in coat care products whilst being extremely vigilant on the environment and cruelty free.

And where possible using RSPCA products, so we support them too

How PAWsome is that......

FurBabies "FUR"st Visit


Puppy Packages 

Understandably most furbabies are apprehensive or simply dislike being groomed, that's why we make every effort to ensure they are comfortable  within a calm environment.💕

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 Call Gore Street Groomers to book a meet and greet /appointment.


Thank you actor Aisling Jarrett-Gavin for bringing Mildred to our Grooming Day

Professional Dog Grooming


You have invested bringing your furbaby to your family, so consideration about grooming is not just about maintaining your dog’s level of cleanliness, and it is not just about keeping your dog good-looking. Grooming is about maintaining both your dog’s physical health as well as their appearance. They will then look good, they will be happy and feel... AMAZING




   Stockists of BECO PETs  Environmentally Friendly Products : Made from: Rusk Husk & Bamboo which is sustainable, natural, long lasting & dishwash safe. Toys, Bowls,  Poop bags & much much more x 

.....Because they're worth it.


Situated on the (A253) road between Monkton and Sarre at 7 Gore Street Farm Cottages.

 Gore Street Groomers owner Lorraine, mum to many beloved pets, Snoopy (1978-93 the french briard), Tara (1987 - 99 german shepherd), Heston (old english), Monty (collie) & Lily (doodle) and Aunty to … Henry, Summer, Hallie & of course Buddy & Mildred, it's fair to say she cares and loves animals.  

City & Guilds trained at Affinity Barking Beauties where she freelances occasionally, Lorraine is also a volunteer at Monkton Football club (her other passion) for the past 5 years ensuring all kids are able to play football in an affordable and safe friendly environment.

Reliable and Trustworthy


When you live a busy life, it is hard to consistently provide the attention and care that your pets can demand. With many satisfied owners and loved pets, you can rely on Gore Street Groomers to care for your pets whilst you're away.  


Ensuring that your pet will receive the best care and love.  The comfortable & modern studio is a safe and stress-free environment. Their happiness and care is priority and we strive to provide a service we would want our own pets to receive,  providing lots of support, and of course cuddles & treats throughout your doggy’s visit!  ❤



 Freds first visit today and the service was impeccable. Thanks GSG



Lorraine was amazing, she fitted me in at the last minute (after a Tick incident) and did a wonderful job of Dizzy.

An American Cocker isn’t easy!

She even cleaned her teeth 😁

Great job thank you 👍

Facebook recommendation


 We have come down for the weekend to visit family and our little yorkie cross needed a groom but suffers from high anxiety and is terrified, we came to gore street and I cannot recommend enough.
It isn’t just how good the cut is - it’s the extra care
She took with cooper today to reassure him and calm him down - I have not found a groomers willing to put the time in for him, yes we are working hard to help him and train him but they always made us feel like he was a massive burden. He has come back a much happier chap and is loving his pampering.
Thank you again and we are defiantly booking more trips to book him in more regular 

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 Henry had his first spa session today-beautiful cut and an amazing lovely lady Lorraine x 

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My boy Buddy loved his groom today. He’s doesn’t always enjoy being groomed but was totally relaxed with Lorraine and really seemed to enjoy his time there. Thank you Gore Street Groomers, we will be back 😊

 Facebook Recommendation 


 Our old Millie went for her first pamper session today with Lorraine. Millie was nervous at first but Lorraine quickly made her feel at ease & now she's looking & smelling wonderful! thank you. We'll be back again soon x 

 Facebook Recommendation 

6 Puppies   😊 

 Thank you! A fantastic introduction for them all - they were all so happy and didn’t seem phased at all xx 

6 individual puppy intros to grooming - a must!

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So pleased with his new do! Thanks so much :) xxx


 My beautiful little girl, the best pamper she has every had. Thank you. 

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 Recently moved to the area and could not be happier with finding Lorraine as our new groomer.

Our little Bichon suffers from separation anxiety and she spent the time to get him comfortable and happy to be there. So much so he got excited on the car journey.

Groom is perfect and the parlour is such a comfortable cute area that Tiny walked around like he owned the place!

Thank you so much for being so patient with him and also making us as owners feel so calm!

Highly recommend!!

Client on the GS Programme

 Bestest place ever. Highly recommend. Very good with the dogs... sorts my two huskies out. Lorraine’s advice had been perfect and keeping to her treatment plan has certainly made a difference for us at home. Thank you! 👌 

FB Recommendation

Their monthly program consists of alternate seasonal deshed experience including the SPA treatment Deshed mud massages, nail trims, with alternate baths, teeth cleaning & REIKI

Pamper Packages

Individual prices will be determined at time of consultation

Fur Babies "furst" visit

Puppy Pamper From £20

It is important to introduce your puppy to grooming the right way, and a puppy intro does just this, with lots of comfort and cuddles ofcourse.

If you wait too long to begin the grooming sessions, your puppy may not be agreeable to it later on, especially when it comes to  nail clipping.

Our puppy intros includes, pre health assessment, a warm double shampoo wash with special puppy shampoo, a super soft gentle dry to introduce them to the new sounds and sensations, nails trimmed, face trimmed and feet tidied.

Ideally a puppy introduction should be done as soon as the puppy has had their jabs and are able to go on walks, rather than when they need their first full hair cut as this can be very overwhelming for a puppy that isn’t used to receiving a groom.

This is especially important for long-haired  and thick coated dogs, which require more intense grooming sessions as compared to short-haired dogs. It takes more time to brush their fur and they need to get used to staying still for this starting at an early age. That is not to say dogs with short, clipped fur do not require grooming,  they do.

You can begin grooming a puppy when they are as young as three weeks old. Experienced breeders will even begin acquainting their puppies with grooming before they go to their new homes so that by the time they are picked up by their owners, they are already used to it.

Another benefit of grooming is that it allows you to check your dog for any abnormalities. This includes skin problems such as ticks, fleas and dry patches, or issues with their nails, teeth, ears, and eyes such as infection or inflammation. When found at an early stage, these problems can be treated right away, before they have a chance to become more serious.

Simply put, Grooming helps keep your dog happy and healthy, gives you and your dog a time that is set aside just for the two of you, 

 So don’t delay, start grooming your puppy early!




Considerations when pricing your groom

Stage of the coat and it’s condition 

Thickness of the coat 

Size of animal


Dogs have always been my passion , therefore,  I need to consider the above factors as they determine the levels of grooming required. 

I do not want to overcharge you neither do I wish to underestimate my work. 

Please be as precise as possible when describing your dog to us over the phone and arrange a meet and greet. However, a health check will be done prior to every groom.

If your dog becomes extremely matted I shall do everything I can to save the coat (no groomer wants to clip everything off) however, being matted is extremely uncomfortable and even painful for the dog but this will be discussed at the consultation stage.

 As you can see we take every eventuality into account.  

Our work is our Integrity and we can't wait to welcome you to the Studio. 

Stockists of BecoPets




In Green, Pink or Blue 

Made from natural BPA free bamboo, the Beco bowl is dishwasher safe, strong and durable. It will last for years in the home before breaking down once it is disposed of.

In Sm/Med/L/XL

Natural Rubber Treat Ball


 In Green, Pink or Blue  

Wobbly and bouncy, the beco ball is made from tough natural non-toxic BPA free rubber with a vanilla scent. It has a hollow centre where you can hide tasty treats to keep your pup entertained. It is so tough that every ball comes with a lifetime guarantee.

 In Sm/Med/L/XL 



In Green, Blue or Pink

Perfect for a game of tug. A tough natural rubber hoop on a cotton rope. The springy hoop gives the dog some flex when pulling and is great for teething puppies.  Every hoop on a rope comes with a lifetime guarantee.



This is our toughest toy for the mightiest of chewers. It has a hollow centre to hide tasty treats in to keep your furbaby busy. 

The beco bone is made from BPA free natural rubber with a vanilla scent and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

  In Sm/Med/L/XL   In Green, Blue or Pink 



Perfect for a game of tug. A tough natural rubber hoop on a cotton rope. The springy hoop gives the dog some flex when pulling and is great for teething puppies.  Every hoop on a rope comes with a lifetime guarantee.

  In Sm/Med/L  

 In Green, Blue or Pink 

The Travel Bowl


 A food and water bowl that folds flat, making it ideal for travelling. It fits into bags, cars and even some pockets so your howling hound will never miss a meal. It is made from flexible and hardwearing BPA free silicone. 

 In Green, Blue or Pink 



We are members of PIF and BDGA

Animal welfare act


The 5 Freedoms

  • Free from Hunger / Thirst
  • Freedom from Discomfort
  • Freedom from Distress / Fear
  • Freedom from Disease, Injury or Pain
  • Free to express normal (safe) behaviour

Fully insured


Quality results take time.

At Gore Street Groomers we pride ourselves on training, using the right processes and go to as many seminars to stay "on point" with the most up to date grooming processes & procedures as possible. 


Frequently Asked Questions...and the not so nice bits

ALL dogs must be on a leash. Please be respectful of other animals and pet parents that maybe on site. We recommend your companion have a securely fastened collar or harness, and we do request flea collars are removed prior to grooming appointments.  

How much is a groom -  We consider every case separately. When pricing your groom we take many factors into consideration: 

Dog’s age & Dog’s behaviour 

Grooming programme (if required)

Grooming History 


Size of the dog 

My dog has a prescribed wash - no problem, if your dog has a vet prescription wash bring it in and we will label it and safely store it for you for next time. Grooming programme required.

Timing - I need my dog back quickly !!

(I've asked my own hairdresser for this ((on me LOL)) and now I know to get the results I want it takes Time...).  A typical wash, blowdry and clip is 2 - 3hrs, pending on size and condition & type of coat, especially as some dogs take alot longer to dry than others.  

My dog is unpredictable when it comes to grooming -  Help us help your dog.  Whilst we are not the "dreaded" vets, some dogs behaviours are rather tricky...... so by letting Gore Street Groomers know in advance that your pet is nervous and could strike out we can make additional arrangements to help the dog or decide whether it is best for both parties not to go ahead.  Safety of both groomer and dog are paramount.

Appointments - Cancellations

We can provide a courtesy reminder service on your request. However, should you not receive this reminder – it is still your responsibility to let us know that you would like to rearrange or cancel your appointment.  

Out of courtesy we would appreciate a minimum 48hr notice,  Because we give such individualised attention to each dog, filling last minute cancellations and "no-shows" are very difficult.  

Arriving late for your appointment

OK, we get it, so if you arrive at the salon 15 minutes late of your pet’s scheduled time, your appointment will be considered as late. The time may need to be taken off your groom however, we will work with you to fulfil the original appointment or discuss other arrangements for the session. 

Collection / Late collection

We will call you 30mins prior to collection giving you ample time to head on over,  please be prompt as this will affect the next appointment and really do not want the animals getting stressed / bored..

Vet information is required at the time of scheduling your appointment. 

Policies - 

Gore Street Groomers have policies in place and provided to all Pet Parents  upon enrolment with us, 


Supporting Local Businesses

We are stockists of BecoPets

The Dog & Duck (2min drive) - Pop in for a groom after your wonderful walk and treat yourself to a well earned  leisurely lunch/dinner. 

The new Sainsburys in Hernebay (7min drive)

Canterbury - 20 mins

Or the historical surrounding villages, always worth a mooch whilst your pooch is pampered.

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